You Can’t Make Your Agents Productive…

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but you can facilitate the best condition for them to choose or choose not to be productive.

At the top of the mountain team leaders, brokers, owners and managers are shouting, “Join our company or team and these great big results will appear…

The numbers don’t lie in most cases, a large percentage of agents in the real estate industry are just NOT productive…

I have found there are two types of agents that are productive…(we will get to that a little bit later in the blog)

NOTE:  Sorry, one of them is not an agent with a BIG WHY..so ridiculous 🙂

Here are the rules, like them or not:

No one is inspired by your “to do” list.

  1. The number one way to get a human being to make a choice, change, and move into productivity is through self-discovery.
  2. Your huddles, death by meeting after meeting, role-play to nausea, and endless training classes will NOT make an agent productive…
  3. True training does not take place in the classroom, it takes place when the agent is in the action.
  4. One size fits all leadership and training will not grow an organization.
  5. You must meet each individual you lead where they are at on the continuum of growth and productivity.
  6. Everyone has different goals in life and business.
  7. Goals are antiquated, commitment is the NOW.
  8. People will not perform until they know where they fit socially within a team or real estate company.

I have probably just flipped your script upside down and thats a good thing because if you are reading this, you are someone that is focus on growth.

Here is my simple tip.  Take a look at 1-9 above and see where you may be leading similar to the ways above that are NOT working and reverse engineer from that a new way of leadership.

A way that is getting beat results for many.


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