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The New Rules of Marketing…

By September 26, 2018October 15th, 2018No Comments

In a social media dominated world…and some old principles that still hold strong.

When I look at the marketing that is done in our industry and the guidance from coaches and gurus, the best way I can sum it all up is this…

It’s like everyone is single, walking into a bar on a Friday night and before they even know a person’s name, they have asked them to get married and have 3 children…

And we wonder why the consumer ranks us right up there with used car salesmen.

I’ve got great news for you…this strategy is causing your competition and maybe you, to miss out on 95% of the opportunities in the marketplace every single day and I have a solution.

Let’s first look at how this kind of marketing is going 100 percent against human nature.

  1. Everyone wants to buy or to have something better, no one wants to be sold.
  2. People don’t choose to work with you because of your sales skills, they choose to work with you only when they trust you.
  3. The consumer has all the information they need at their fingertips, no longer do they have to listen to an outdated, cheesy sales dialogue you learned at a recent seminar.  You are one click away from being history.
  4. 95% of your audience is the consumer awareness journey of indifferent, so in most cases you are saying the right things to the wrong people.

It’s all about your messaging…connecting with people where they are at, when they are there, in the form and frequency they desire…

And your competitors will continue to use the “One Size Fits All” message that works, with high cost of human and financial resource and low conversions.

We are going to meet people where they are at and pull them to us by building trust.  We are going to make deposits in the business relationship equity account while the competitors continue to try and make withdrawals from a relationship account that is overdrawn.  This is winning in today’s new Social Rules of Engagement.

Be The Information Portal

If 95% of the audience today is indifferent, that means only 5% of all consumers are in the consideration phase of taking action.  Running a marketing message at the biggest audience currently indifferent does one thing, turns them from indifferent to annoyed.  The “One Size Fits All” message is dead.  Here are 3 simple steps that can dramatically increase engagement, conversions and close more sales…and a formula for when to ask for business.

  1. Provide the consumer with community organic community events information in the form of a video weekly (without calls to action).
  2. Use video to interview local businesses.
  3. Create a monthly market snapshot video.

The Formula (Budget and Frequency)

Before running any conversion based marketing at an audience, ask yourself one question, “Have I warmed up the audience or are they a cold audience?”  Remember, don’t ask someone to marry you and have 3 kids before you even know their name 🙂

If you are starting a campaign at a cold audience, my suggestion is to be the informant for 3-4 weeks constantly making deposits in the business relationship equity account.  Warm them up to build trust and then launch conversion campaigns at the same audience.

You will find a highly receptive audience that engages in your content and ultimately chooses you.