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Your Agents Can Get A Better Deal Somewhere Else…

By September 26, 2018October 10th, 2018No Comments

But why don’t they leave?

After over 20 years of working with leaders, still to this day, the number one obstruction in recruiting and retention is the business model they have to negotiate and or overcome…(Splits, Fees, Revenue Share, etc.)

Let’s first pause for a moment…could each of your current agents go out and negotiate a better split or fee somewhere else tomorrow?

Of course they could, but why don’t they?  Because you are meeting the expectations created when they joined.

Here are some basic guidelines you will find helpful so that you can…not only retain your agents…while at the same time, attract the right agents to your team or company.

Here are 7 quick tips every leader needs to know to retain your agents:

  1. If agents joint you purely because of money, they will leave you because of money. Watch your messaging closely in the recruiting process.
  2. Too much selling and not enough crafting of a long-term business relationship in the recruiting process will come back to haunt you after they join.
  3. Be up front in the interview and let the agent know that you have flaws as a team or company and even as a leader. Truth and transparency wins every time.
  4. Constant acknowledgment and creating an experience of belonging are two basic needs of agents that will always trump any amount of money, or you have hired the wrong people.
  5. Constant feedback loops are a must. You will find more than anything, people just want to be heard.
  6. Death by meeting, huddle and KPI will drive your agents into the ground and right out the door.  Less is more by the way when it comes to driving agent productivity.
  7. Consistently deliver a powerful sales meeting that agents can’t wait to attend.  It’s a big deal.