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What Is The Marketing Message That Works…

By January 21, 2020November 29th, 2022No Comments

…For Recruiting and Attracting The Consumer?

The post, the email, the marketing message that is going to generate more buyer leads, more seller leads or more recruits to your real estate office or real estate team?

I want to chat with you about getting conversions, which is our ultimate goal. People seem to believe that it’s going to be one ad. What’s the one ad that’s going to make the recruits want to join my team or company?

What’s the one ad, the ninja copywriting, the image that gets people’s attention and is going to cause them to engage and convert? And that’s the wrong question. It’s a body of work. One of the things I watch happen all the time is someone will see a post or an email that maybe one of my clients is using and it performs at a massive level. I share with them and they think they can go run it at their audience and get the same result. It doesn’t happen and they wonder why.

Marketing is not a one trick pony. It’s a series of events over time. And the first thing that has to happen is you have to build trust and that trust is built by not running conversion-based language at your audience all the time. You are burning through your list. You’ve got to make deposits in the business relationship equity account. I also have certain clients (massive branders) where I can go right to a conversion-based message immediately. Keep in mind they have been building authority in the marketplace. They have been making deposits in the business relationship equity account. They have been building trust.

So don’t fall for the trap. If you see a post or receive an email written really well and you get really excited about it and then you get let down because you copy it and it doesn’t perform well…

It’s due to what have you done to lead up to that message that matters as much or more. What deposits have you made? 95% of your audience is not in the consideration phase, they’re in the indifferent phase. So when you run conversion rap, as I like to call it, at them in an email, buy this, do this, join us, we’re amazing… you are irrelevant. What you need to think about is making those deposits in the business relationship equity account.

The other thing that you need to think about is this, message to market match. The one size fits all message isn’t going to work. Are you paying attention to the language that your audience is using when they post, when they interact on your posts, when they interact with you via email and text? Pay attention to the words because ultimately what you need to do is take the words they’re using and echo them back to them. That’s how you create the psychological and emotional bond. Everyone is trying to enter into the front of the brain with their words in all things they do for marketing. I want to sneak into the back of the brain through psychological and emotional bonds. When I’m echoing back the words that my audience is using, I’m miles ahead of the other person that’s using their scripted sales dialogue.

Why not let your audience provide the script or the language pattern that resonates with them? That’s how you build trust really fast. That’s how you spend less money and get better conversions versus someone that needs massive ad spend in whatever the objective is. Whether it’s recruiting or if it’s attracting buyers and sellers. You are building trust, you’re creating those bonds and ultimately when you continue to do that, you seed the next step. The other thing that you need to think about is the consumer awareness journey. The consumer being a recruit or a buyer or a seller. Where are they at? And there are some steps in looking at that.

Are they unaware?

In other words, they don’t have a problem. They don’t want to think about buying or sell. They don’t need something bigger or smaller. They don’t need to change real estate companies. So that’s the unaware phase.

Are they problem aware?

Is there an issue? Is the house too big, the house is too small? Do they feel they’ve outgrown the leadership or the real estate company they’re in? Okay, so then they require a different type of messaging. That’s why you need to move your messaging around to meet people where they’re at.

So you’ve got unaware, problem aware and they start snooping around and thinking they need a solution. I know what the solution is, I need this.

The the next step is you showing up and being that solution and you have moved them to your solution. Finally, ultimate awareness and choosing you. It’s a progression. You can’t have a one size fits all.

You’ve got to meet people where they’re at. Part of that is making deposits in the business relationship equity account that connects with them as a human being first.

You have two choices in anything that you send via email, anything that you post and all of your interactions.

Those two choices are strike an emotion or trigger friction. The triggering of friction is what most conversion-based marketing language does when someone hasn’t built trust and hasn’t made deposits in the business relationship equity account. Look real closely at that.

It’s like this, don’t be the person that shows up at the cocktail party that knows no one, but within five minutes everyone knows that you’re that salesman, that annoying salesman in their face, and then wonder why nothing good comes from your networking. This is what most people are experiencing with their emails that don’t convert, high opt outs and low open rates… And people want to say email doesn’t work. No, it’s the message. When people are posting something on social media and it doesn’t work or get a result. It’s not the platform, it’s the message. Are you meeting people where they’re at?

I hope you found that valuable. Hope you pay close attention to it. You’re going to find that if you actually pulled back on your calls to action in today’s social rules of engagement, in today’s email environment, your results will change dramatically.

You’ve got to make calls to action, but make more deposits. And then when you make those deposits, you build that trust. The next obvious step for them to take that feels natural and feels good is for them to engage and become a conversion that didn’t cost you a bunch of money and didn’t cause a lot of friction.