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When SOMETHING just has to change…

By November 6, 2023No Comments

We can tend to go looking in all the wrong places.

Outside of self…

What is someone else doing?

Is it because of the market we are in?

Both of the above questions aren’t wrong to ask, but they will not facilitate REAL change…

There is a very simple exercise where 3 critical principles you will hear me reference constantly, come into play and can be game changers.

1. The simple solves the complex

2. Your future is in your past

3. Personal responsibility

What I am going to share with you can impact any part of life. Business, Health and Fitness, Personal Relationships etc.

Change gets energy when things aren’t quite where we want them to be….Maybe it’s your business, maybe it’s your health and fitness.

Business: Do an activity diary for the last 7 days and evaluate. Then do an activity diary for the past 4 weeks with measurement of each day.

While there are many areas of your business you can break down, let’s keep it simple and evaluate these key areas within the above mentioned windows of time:

A. Revenue producing activity completed each day on the days you worked. These must be specific, measurable and actionable. Write it out – Each Day of the 28 days mentioned above.

B. Time applied to learning and skill building (They are not the same thing, one is taking in information and the other is bettering your skills from the information)

C. Sit with someone who you are accountable to and ask them to give their feedback on the last 28 days and the 4 individual weeks.

There are 3 key observations you want to have come from this:

1. Did you do enough of the activity required to get the result you desire or do you need to adjust and recommit?
2. Were you focused on the right activities?
3. Are you doing the RIGHT activities required to get the result you desire?

D. Based on the observations from your Team Leader, Coach, Mentor, or Branch Manager, what do you need to change.

E. Recommit to the RIGHT action steps for the next 7 days based on your findings.

F. Close the loop a week later and go back to the person who holds you accountable to measure.

Summary: High performance regardless of what it is in life for business you are focused on changing is not that complicated.

Your past will tell you everything about your present, you must be willing to be held accountable and take guidance/feedback, and if you are NOT documenting your activities daily with a willingness to be held accountable then accept average in your life and business.

Much of the time we are looking for the RIGHT answers in the WRONG places…

The answers are in your daily HABITS and PRIORITIES